Designing the Show Home at Brabazon, with Andrew Henry Interiors

Take a look inside our show home and find out more about the inspiration behind the design of this contemporary space.

As the birthplace of Concorde, the historic Filton Airfield is recognised worldwide for creativity and timeless design.

That’s quite the legacy to live up to for a modern-day designer! But that was exactly the challenge facing the interiors specialists behind our first show home at Brabazon: Andrew Henry Interiors.

So how do you deliver a contemporary design edge when working on homes in such a historic location?

In this short film, Andrew Henry explains his approach, taking you inside the show home at Brabazon to talk through what inspired him and how he has looked to fuse style and sustainability to create a design scheme that’s perfect for modern living. Watch the video below to learn more.

If you would like to see the show home at Brabazon for yourself, book an appointment today!Our New Homes Consultants are available seven days a week.

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