What’s hot for your home this summer… 

Are you after a stylish home study space to work? A decluttered, calmer kitchen? Or a brighter bathroom? After recent restrictions, we’re all more aware of the importance not only of having enough space at home, but also that our home matches our style and suits our lifestyles. But where to start? 

If you’re after design inspiration, there are some incredible independent interiors specialists and homeware stores in Bristol. One of our favourites is Jasmine Main – owner of the brilliant Gloucester Road boutique Main Interiors. 

Interior designs hot for your home this summer
What's hot for your home this summer?

This week we sat down with Jasmine to talk about all the latest spring/summer interior trends and got the best tips and tricks on how to incorporate them into your home. And to celebrate the launch of The Navigator Building, we’re offering a £100 prize to spend at the store – head over to our Instagram page to enter by 00:00GMT on 17th April 2021.

Thanks for joining us Jasmine. What do you think will be the biggest interior trend of Spring/Summer 2021? 

I think it is JAPANDI; a new trend incorporating Japanese and Scandi styles. It includes lots of black, fine lines – typical of Japanese design - with the addition of Scandi influences: think beiges, neutral earthy hues, mood boosting greenery and monochromes. It all comes together in a minimalistic and harmonious style. 

We have just discovered it and think it is a timeless design that offers simplicity and functionality.

What is your favourite interiors trend of this season?

I think there are two… 

My favourite design trend at the moment is keeping design stripped back and simple, with natural earthy tones that complement each other. The last few years grey has dominated the neutral interiors pallet. This summer, sandy shades and earthy patterns are back, and proving to be anything but boring. 

At the same time, sustainability is now impossible to ignore. There is definitely a shift towards more conscious consumption, as people re-evaluate their impact on the environment. People are using fewer products and so want higher quality, more sustainable ones as well as keeping an eye on waste.  

Get a head for the summer...
Summer colours of interior love

We’re really seeing more eco-friendly approaches from designers as they respond to us all changing how we live, from everyday choices to life’s biggest milestones. They see eco-friendly styles as the way forwards, and you can see this reflected in the latest trends, like the use of Bamboo and Rattan.

That commitment to sustainability is something we are focused on at Brabazon. Another is creating more space - What design and décor will help people elevate the sense of space in a room?

There are simple things that anyone can do to elevate an existing room. To start with, definitely clear out any clutter! 

Once you’ve done that – you can refresh a room simply with some new paint. Maybe try layering different textures to add some drama to your space?  And small details matter. Updating fittings and fixtures – things like light fittings or sockets – help modernise a tired-looking room. 

Lastly, if you’re one to think a little outside the box, why not accessorise your ceiling? It’s becoming quite a trend to paint your ceiling. Why not try steering away from accent walls and white ceilings and switch  to accent ceilings with white walls? 

Particularly for new homes in Bristol, some people might not know where to start. What are the most important factors people should bear in mind before starting?

Two things are fundamental for interior design: function and comfort.

Start by thinking about its function and how you want to use the room. Is it for the whole family or a more private space just for you? Then think about what will make it comfortable - Is it the busy heart of the home, or a calm and quiet corner?

Bring some summer style to your home

I’d recommend capturing those priorities in a brief, which it is then important to keep to when designing. That way you’re less likely to get confused.

What if someone is caught between different design styles?
How do you decide?
Do you think you can mix and match? 

Absolutely! Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. Merging styles can be fun and very effective. 

A good way to do this is through pattern. You can often find similarities in colours, materials and tones across different styles that help bring them together. The other top tip when mixing interior styles is to create balance by placing pairs of pieces of the same style in a room, so one doesn’t look out of place. It’s easier than it might seem.

Where do you find your own inspiration? 

I can find inspiration anywhere! There are so many great designers and artists in Bristol, but you can also find it from architecture, shop fronts, fonts, fashion trends, and of course from the internet. Pinterest is a great tool!  

My team is also very inspiring. We all have different approaches to design and great attention to detail - Everyone has their own strength (or, superpower as I call it).  

Any last top tips for those looking to bring new life to their home in Bristol?  

Design has a reputation for being exclusive, but especially for first-time buyers or young families, a great interior style doesn’t have to be expensive. 

My three top tips are firstly, soft furnishings are always a winner for adding comfort and style. Secondly, a good mirror is a timeless addition that always elevates a room. And thirdly, plant pots are really fashionable right now - they're a great way to add colour and texture.

To find out more about Main Interiors, visit: maininteriorshome.com